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Duvet Cover Price???

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  • Duvet Cover Price???

    Morning All,

    I know we covered a single one a few months back but I have been asked to make up a duvet cover 6ft 9 inches x 9 ft! Must be a big bed. Customer happy to have poppers to close, has anyone got any ideas of how much to charge? We are looking for a double width fabric to avoid joins.

    Also has anyone attached the poppers, if so how do you do it, is it fairly easy?
    Kindest Regards,

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    Re: Duvet Cover Price???

    I made some recently and used popper tape which is dead easy (but a bit stretchy) I got some at a bargain price on Ebay from a seller called anthony1547 who has a shop called The Haberdashery Cart. I will email you the method I used to attached the tape as it hides it inside the cover and makes a neat opening.

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      Re: Duvet Cover Price???

      Just a quick question. Is there anywhere that supplies fabric suitable for duvet covers?


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        Re: Duvet Cover Price???

        You can use sheeting, but I think it's a bit thin. You can also use curtain fabric, washed first, but you need to join it for the width, and of course it's thicker and so not as easy to wash as sheeeting. I dont know if anybody else has any ideas.
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          Re: Duvet Cover Price???

          Price & Co Checkmate Collection can be used for bedding. They are all stripes and checks tho...