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Applique cats and kittens

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  • Applique cats and kittens

    Now, here is a really easy question!

    Where would I find designs for applique cats and kittens? My taste is "cute and pretty" rather than "sophisticated".

    Oh dear, you are going to get bored of answering questions. Anyway, I can do a good exchange with the following topics:

    a) mobile phone deals
    b) Internet service providers
    c) NICE guidelines.....
    d) Patient education in coronary heart disease
    e) Removal of cat hair
    f) sources for rescue Ragdoll cats
    g) cheap cat food delivered to your door
    h) how to get snowed under with Nectar points
    i) ridding your computer of a virus (I can refer on...)

    Other things, I can research or get researched. I know now't about cooking, food, sport and popular culture.


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    Re: Applique cats and kittens

    If you google 'free applique patterns' there are several sites with designs or links to sites with designs. If you are prepared to pay or buy a book there are loads!

    You might also find some good pictures/shapes on clipart sites if you are prepared to enlarge them to your required size.

    sigpic Simply Sewing


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      Re: Applique cats and kittens

      Try The Golden Thimble
      Have you registered your business yet?

      A MyDecozo Directory


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        Re: Applique cats and kittens

        I've got a Butterick pattern for a waistcoat covered in applique cats, I'll look it out and get you the number, you're very welcome to borrow it.


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          Re: Applique cats and kittens

          Jan Constantine has just released her new book called "Heirloom Embroidery" - not sure if she has any cats in it because my copie(s) have not arrived yet! I was sent a taster by the Publisher with an opportunity to buy at a bargain price (RRP £1 the taster shows some really nice things including heart applique and the technique for making up! It would be a great book for anyone that is making one off pieces for gifts, craft fairs etc.