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  • Will it be ok do you think

    Hello people.

    I'm having a lousy day, and as a result i managed to add 36" and 6" and make 40" as a cutting width

    It's for a roman blind, and i know i can just make the side hem at 2" instead of 3".

    I'm just worried that for some reason it won't look ok.

    It's quite a heavy fabric, sorta like satin with a woven pattern (sorry, i'm not good at know what fabric is what, just know what i like).

    Do you think i'll be ok? it's for myself, so i've not got to worry about a third party ranting and raving at me.

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    Re: Will it be ok do you think

    Don't worry (easier said than done) my standard roman blind sidelay is 5cm which is nearly the same as 2"....... it will be OK especially as it is for you rather than for a customer.

    It is experiences like this that stick in your mind and make sure it will not happen again........I'm a "glass half full" kind of person so immediately I saw that you at least have 2", and the blind is for your home rather than anyone else's. We have all done it.

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      Re: Will it be ok do you think

      I'm with Louise, I turn in 5cm each side.. If you're really worried you can always sew a strip on each side - though not necessary as 2 inches is enough

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        Re: Will it be ok do you think

        Thanks to you both.

        i'm just not having a good day, my mind's not on the job but with limited time to myself, i need to get on. I've had this fabric for about 2 months now and if i put off the job till i'm having a better day, it might be a very long time before i get anything up at my window, lol.

        Just working on the 2" now


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          Re: Will it be ok do you think

          Hi Flooz

          Same with me I allow 2" for sides
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