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  • Mock Roman blinds

    Hi can anybody explain the easiest way to make up mock roman blinds ,sometimes i think it is easier just to make up a working roman would you string it up or just stitch in the folds any help appreciated

    Hi i keep getting asked to make mock roman blinds the latest lot being the dreaded faux suede , the problem i have is stitching the pleats in place sometimes i think it is just as quick to make a proper roman i just seem to phaff about with them, does anybody else struggle or am i just being dim , where do you stitch is it straight across or stab stitch help !!!!!! i hate mock faux suede roman blinds

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    Re: Mock Roman blinds

    Hi Ali, I find it easier to make proper blind. I did make a successful one years ago but have forgotten how. I now tell my clients that in order to get folds looking at their best the full length of fabric is required & it also gives option of using the blind in future.

    Having said all that...Jules made one a few weeks ago & it looked great...perhaps u should ask her & get her to post instuctions for us all to use


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      Re: Mock Roman blinds

      Hi Ali,

      Like Mairi, I think there is as much work in a faux roman blind as a fully functioning one! However, if it needs to be faux for reasons of practicality, you just have to bite the bullet and do it. For me, in this instance, it gave me to chance to pleat by design, so to speak. I was able to use the pattern to my own ends for what I felt would be the best outcome.

      As to how. It's pretty much the same as a normal blind, except that I lined the whole thing AFTER having stitched my pleats in, taking care not to stitch the lining in tight to the face fabric where I wanted to create the 'illusion' of real pleats. I'm sure other people do them in many different ways and I'd be really interested to hear the views of some of the 'gurus' who've been 'at it' for much longer than I. I thought I'd put a pic in the gallery but can't find it....If you want me to Ali, I will.

      Good luck! and thanks for nice words Mairi.