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  • What am I doing wrong

    I have just made a roman blind and undid the last section as my measurements were out yet again. I keep getting the first fold i.e the one nearest the heading rail about 5 cm shorter than all the others. I subtract 5 cm from the length before working out the measurements.

    Louise I followed your recipe to the letter and can't see where I go wrong. The finished length of the window was 121 cm but the blind now measures 125cm but when down fits the window, Am I being really daft??

    Any ideas gratefully received.

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    Re: What am I doing wrong

    Am I right in thinking you have 3 rods? If so, are you allowing the extra cm's for the rod pockets? Allow 1cm for the first pocket, and two cm for every other pocket thereafter. Use a 1cm seam allowance for the pockets.

    see FAQ: Calculating rod pockets

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      Re: What am I doing wrong

      finished length 121cm less 5cm to cover batten = 116cm
      = gap between batten & first rod = 38.1 cm (33.1cm first gap between rods + 5cm to cover batten)
      followed 2 gaps between rods measuring 33.1cm each
      followed by 1 gap of 16.6 (half of 33.1cm) between the bottom rod and the weight bar
      38.1 + 33.1 + 33.1 + 16.6 = 120.9cm

      Hope that helps.