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  • Bad job

    Have been to see a woman wanting new curtains and blinds BUT NOT ROMANS! They cut out too much light.

    Poor woman - the blinds were made (with tape) and whoever made them got their calcs so very wrong. The first fold hung down 2" from the headrail, with the next three folds 7" below the rail. The final bottom section dangled 5" below the other 3 folds making the amount they covered the window by 12". I have NEVER seen anything like it in all my life!

    They have been in situation for over 10 years and have driven this woman mad day in day out but she just didn't know what was wrong with them.

    Anyway, she's going to give them another go and hopefully will not be driven mad for the next 10 years!

    You live and learn.

    Oh. the curtain woman was an "interior Designer" not 'just a curtain maker...'

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    Re: Bad job

    It's amazing the poor work you see in some people's houses. These blinds sound awful, poor woman, she probably paid a lot for them too. However, I'm sure she'll be delighted with the lovely job you do when you make ' proper ' blinds.
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      Re: Bad job

      Just had an upholsterer friend drop off a roman blind 'from an online shop' that she needs sorting out for a client. I have never seen one so badly made!

      It looks like the lining and fabric were seamed across the width, turned face together with a few cm if the face fabric turned to the back, then sides stitched to make a bag. The hem weight is rattling about loose in the bottom fold, and roman tape has been sewn on with double rows of stitches. The rods have been put in with no sewing so poke out every time you touch the blind.

      It is on a track where the cords are completely tangled to the point where the customer has snapped them off trying to use the blind. About the only thing any use is the chrome chain.

      I have been asked to put it on a wooden batten so not too tricky!

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        Re: Bad job

        Doesn't it astound you what people are prepared to put their names to? I'm sure you'll have it looking like a roman blind with a bit (lot?) of TLC Louise!