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Venus dimout in romans

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  • Venus dimout in romans

    Today I hung my first venus dimout roman and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera but will be going back in the not to distant future.

    Just wanted to thank Tam for setting me off on this method of make. Another new skill learned via My.Decozo.....

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    Re: Venus dimout in romans

    You're more than welcome Jules, just glad it worked out well for you!!.

    I know alot of people shy away from the dimout lining as a black out interliner, but knowing how to handle along side interlining, does make a huge difference I have at time nearly lost all my hair when using it in the past

    Its good to use on silk fabric and an open weave linen based fabric as a blackout as there is very little or no light bleed in the stab stitches.

    A good alternative to the old Bolton Twill!

    Phew, well done Jules, would love to see a photo