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  • reil chyc headrails

    Hi all

    I just wanted to warn you about reil chyc roman blind headrails , a few months ago I made some blinds for a client who had them made for theire own clients, they have been having problems with the tracks so after trying all the usual, things to fix the tracks I contacted them as I wanted a rep to look at them, after a few minutes of him trying to fob me off he said he'd arrange it, however I had to get the contact details so I had to call again today, the guy in charge got very snappy with me when I asked if he would contact the client today as they were very upset as they have been having problems for too long now, he told me that I was putting pressure on him, he didn't want to contact the client untill he knew. What day he could see my client. I'm fuming, who treats customers like that, I can't voice my true feelings untill this mess is sorted out. So be warned of terrible customer service from that company.

    Please forgive any spelling mistakes as I"m typing this on my BBB

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    Re: reil chyc headrails

    Thank you Gerry. Sounds like you're having a bad time of it.....! I really hope your problem is sorted satisfactorily and soon. Keep us up to speed. There is always the members' area.

    p.s. (I know this will come above my sig....) Lovely to hear from you!!


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      Re: reil chyc headrails

      I wonder how many suppliers get their rails from this source? I have had rotary roman tracks from M&D in the past which have included instructions with the R C name on them. Not sure if this is still the case though.

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        Re: reil chyc headrails

        Periodically I have their agent turn up on my doorstep with no appointment - last time I got very annoyed with him! I do not see reps / agents without an appointment! Its very annoying.

        I have never bought any rails from this company.

        I have to say that I have just started using Evans roman mechanisms and and am very happy with them. I have previously used Decorquip, Price & Co, Merrick and Day and Hallis Hudson but will now be using Evans as product is good and very reasonably priced! And their customer service is brilliant too.


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          Re: reil chyc headrails

          Hi All,
          Just to say I have used RC for approx 3-4 years now and have never had a problem at all, our rep is lovely and very helpful. Maybe you have been unlucky Hope it gets sorted soon for you though.