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  • Roman Blind Folds

    Hi, I'm making some roman blinds for a bay window and can't decide how deep to make the folds. The blinds are 215cm in length and about 120cm wide, I'd calculated originally for the folds to be 38cm with the lower fold being 19cm and the top being 44cm, but someone else worked out for me that the folds should be 47cm with bottom fold of 23.5cm and top 50.5cm. Are folds of 47cm too deep? Does anyone have any suggestions?!

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    Re: Roman Blind Folds

    Hi Rosiebud

    I'd divide the drop by 11 myself for this window. 47cm is rather large..

    215cm - 8cm for tracking = 207cm / by 11 = 18.8 for the first rod, 37.6 for the next rod and so on. 5 rods in total and I haven't accounted for a seam allowance.

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      Re: Roman Blind Folds

      Thanks Philip, that's more along the lines of my original workings! I don't know why I doubt myself sometimes. Thank you for your help.