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Help with my measuring please!

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  • Help with my measuring please!

    I want to get two roman blinds for two windows in my hall. As I don't sit in my hall and wouldn't therefore be looking at the blinds all the time, I don't want to spend too much. I have seen some nice roman blinds in John Lewis for £25 and also a similar one for the same price in B&Q.

    However my window seems to be a non-standard size annoyingly! I want it to go in the recess as my window doesn't have a top bit for the recess so it would look odd if I put it outside of the recess. My window is 85cm in width and I can buy ready made blinds in either 80cm or 90cm widths. Would either of these be okay? I presume not? The windows are PVC so the blind would have to be attached into the wall either side. Can you buy spacers to plug into the gap or not?

    The cheapest made to measure ones I have seen have been £65 which would mean £130 which is too much!

    Should I just give up on this one and assume I won't be able to have them?

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    Re: Help with my measuring please!

    Hello Rewind,

    Perhaps if you take a look at the pages and pages of information on the makeup of quality made to measure roman blinds, you will realise the amount of work that goes into the creation of a good product.

    You may then decide to try to make them yourself or accept that £65 isn't daylight robbery.

    Good luck! You might even enjoy making them yourself.


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      Re: Help with my measuring please!

      Hello Rewind

      You don't say what the drop of the window is however you say the width is 85cm and you want the blinds to fit in the recess. In which case, the blinds you have seen are too small at 80cm as you would have a gap of 2.5cm each side and the 90cm blind simply will not fit at all as it is 5cm too big. I don't know of any such thing as spacers that would "plug your gap".

      Sorry I can't be much help but I would say that if you have seen made to measure blinds at £65 for this width then this is very reasonable and is very much less expensive than what I would charge for something similar.

      Good luck.


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        Re: Help with my measuring please!

        If you need to stick to your budget and want to fit inside the recess then a differenty kind of blind like a roll-up, roller or venetian is a better choice. Many of these can be bought ready-made and trimmed to size - try Dunelm Mill, Ikea, DIY stores or even Argos.

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