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length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

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  • length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

    I want to check what length of interlocking stitch I need to do when
    1 interlocking the interlining to face material
    2 interlocking the lining along the (already sewn in )channels

    I have been interlocking the interlining to the face material vertically.
    The lining to the interlining horizontally along the channels and fold lines and I also go through to the face material on this stitch every 15 cm. Is this right?

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    Re: length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

    I don't go through to face fabric when interlocking lining to interlining but it doesn't mean it's wrong to. Perhaps other people here do? It's about what works for you.

    I find stab stitches perfectly adequate to keep my face fabric in check.


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      Re: length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

      I have made interlined roman blinds and never had the need to interlock as well.
      It does say in the Merrick and Day book to interlock but I do not think it is necessary. In agreement with the other comment, the stab stitches are enough to hold all he layers in place.
      Karen Rhodes
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        Re: length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

        Just to check because I may be doing a whole lot of unnecessary sewing!
        do you mean that you lay face fabric, interlining down then herrringbone stitch the sides and bottom then lay the lining down and hold the lot together by stab stitching?
        Does that take the weight of the blind?
        I have always machine stitched along the channels or have hand sown lining with channels along the channels but have not made interlined blinds before.
        I am worried that the whole thing may fall apart! I am also making a blind which is 182 cm wide and it is the biggest and heaviest blind I have ever made!
        I am doing a heck of a lot of sewing and welcome your experienced views.


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          Re: length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

          I'm with Karen, I have never interlocked a roman blind and have always considered it a lot of unnecessary work. Use a lightweight interlining, lay it on the face fabric and fold in the side and hems as you would a curtain. Herringbone the sides and then lay the lining on top. Slip stitch the sides, stab stitch under each pocket every 15cm or so, take up all 3 layers of fabric. Slip stitch the hem and attach the velcro, securing all 3 layers at thge top. I use a single line of machine sewing across the top and then slip stitch below the velcro through all to finish - DO not pick up the face fabric.

          The stab stitches are holding the fabrics together as you pull up the blinds and these should be evenly distributed across the pockets, but the sew line on the velcro is taking the weight and all the fabrics.

          Hope that helps!

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            Re: length of stitch in interlined roman blinds

            Thank you so much for your replies. You have saved me so much time!
            I thank my lucky stars I found this web site just as I am starting out in business as I am lacking in confidence.
            Books are fine but real experience is better!