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Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

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  • Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

    The heat has got to me I just cant work any thing out,

    I need to make a Roman blind with the pockets sewen into the lining and whats left of my brain has fallen asleep

    I dont know whats happening to me the finished size of the Roman is as follows

    Width 84cm drop 132cm

    I have cut the main fabric 95cm wide and the drop of 162cm
    The same for the Interlining.

    Not sure how many pockets to do and the depth between them.

    It's going on a 2" X1" Battern with vine eyes

    I am hoping to put the velcro on to the top of the blind the 2" section so I dont have a stitch line showing.

    I am also hoping to attach a zig zag valance to the top section which I hope to make 28cm Deep at the longest point.

    Now having to go and get some fresh air and water .............

    Thank you a fustrated sewer

    Thats as far as I have got

    I am using 9mm dowel for the rod pockets as I have loads of it.

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    Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

    I would suggest:-

    4 rods, 4 28cm spaces, + bottom 1/2 space @ 14cm (allowance of 6cm at the top for the cording eyelets)
    I would cut my face fabric to 147cm drop (15cm allowed for bottom hem and top turning)
    Lining cut to 156cm (4 rod pockets @ 18mm + generous hem allowance)

    I have created a spreadsheet with my calculations on - each blind I make I just type in the width and drop and it works it all out for me.

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      Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations


      I think the heat is getting to us all, mustn't grumble. I am just starting out, and I should be working on my price lists etc but just can't seem to get going, easy to get sidetracked on the forum!!!!

      What a good idea Louise with the spreadsheet, it must save a lot of time on calculations. Must get myself sorted!



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        Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

        Thank you so much Louise,
        What a great Idea to have a spread sheet already sorted out, I will confess I dont know how to make one up,
        But as you have shown me it could save so much time and brain ache, Can one also be made up for sewing in Pinch Pleats,? the pleats & spaces when I am having a brain dead day it's another thing that throws me,

        I came into this from working in Retail, and then went to London College of Furniture and then a couple of workrooms and classes,

        I had the misfortune a few years ago to get double Pneumonia & Internal bleeding I spent 3 months in and out of a coma but made it through, but my memory has taken the biggest knock, as I couldn't even remember how to do the simplest of things like sewing in a zip.

        It's been 2 years nows and this Forum is my only sounding board, and I am so greatful for all the help and support I recieve from anyone, and try and share when ever I can.

        Thank you also Anita for your words of encouragement, It feels when I am having an off moment I am the only one.

        Happy Sewing Tomorrow will be a better day,

        Shirley C


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          Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

          You're welcome Shirley.

          If you like I will send you my worksheets to have a look how I have set them up (they will all be to my hems, turnings and strange logic though!) I have different pages for roman blinds, curtains, valances, fabric repeats etc. You can alter it to suit you as required.

          Althought it took a while to set up, it has paid for itself time after time. If I change my preferred hem allowance etc. then I can quickly alter the right cell of the sheet and it recalculates everything easily.

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            Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

            Hello Shirley,

            You keep plugging on! It sounds like your determination will get you there in the end. I am often very brain dead and as fogetful as they come. I can walk round my table for the scissors and, 5 steps on, forget what I went for. And people think curtain making is a doddle! If only they knew. I'm sure a spread sheet will be a major help.


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              Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

              Please can you send me a copy of your spreadsheet ,as it takes valuable time calulating. It sounds great.Thanks


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                Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

                Hi All,

                Brain Dead is something I'm very familiar with - I'd say I'm head of the class Louise I would love a copy of your spreadsheet also if it wasn't too much trouble, I'd make great use of it and it would hurry a slow coach up.



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                  Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

                  Hi louise
                  If it is not to much bother could you send me a copy of your spreadsheet

                  your so helpful

                  thank you so much


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                    Re: Sewn in Rod Pockets Calculations

                    no problem - I'll email it

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