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Swag base Roman Blind

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  • Swag base Roman Blind

    I have a customer interested in a swag base roman blind. I know how to make a flat edge blind but have never made one of these. Has anyone else had any experience of one or have any instructions on how to caluculate and make the swag? The blind is quite wide (167cm) and I am not sure if a swag would work on one this wide.

    I think I could work it out by trial and error on a sample but I would like a pointer in the right direction, if anyone can help.



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    Re: Swag base Roman Blind

    Pictures here: Swagged roman blinds I would suggest you make a very deep hem with the weight bar up high and the swag the excess at the hem line. The swag is permanent and decorative only.

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      Re: Swag base Roman Blind

      Hi Philip,
      Thanks for that.
      I forgot to mention that the customer wants the swag in a contrast colour fabric. I am assuming that I will join the fabric just below the weight bar, bring it round to the back and join it to the lining at the same place (below the weight bar) on the back. I also assume that I would need to machine a row of stiting through all layers, at the correct height, to keep the weight bar in place (normally a no no with roman blinds). Also, how an when do I attach the loops that hold the swag in place?

      So many questions