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  • inserting rods

    Hi, I have made blinds making the pockets into the lining for the first time and am very pleased with them, would not go back to the tape method. My only concern is how to press the lining seams at the joins as I have had great difficulty inserting the rods. Maybe my brain isn't working fast enough.

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    Re: insertig rods

    Hi Lisa, it sounds as if you've been getting on very well. Do you mean that you can't get your rods through the pockets you've made into the lining ? If so, it sounds as if the joining seams are blocking the rods going through, it will just be a case of fiddling till you get them through .....Next time, instead of pressing both sides of the joining seams flat, press them all in the same direction and then your rods will go through without any problem. I made this same mistake when I first made romans.

    Cat C.
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      Re: insertig rods

      Hi Lisa

      All the info you require is here - Inserting rods You can often find the information you require by doing a search in the relevant section.

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