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Concealed rotary/Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails

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  • Concealed rotary/Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails

    HI all,

    I recently made up a Roman on a Hallis Hudson concealed rotary blind headrail (profile), the first time I have bought one from them. In the past I have used Merrick & Day's Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails and this one looked to be exactly the same (but considerably less expensive!)

    However, it seems to take a lot more pulls to raise and lower the blind than the M&D ones, the chain loop will go round the mechanism more than once in each operation, meaning that you can't use a joiner. I'm guessing that this is either something do do with the chain gear or the turning rod but without either blind here I can't investigate! I have used both types for one customer and they also noticed this, but aren't concerned (fortunately!). But I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and knows why this is, and whether there is a way round it or if it's just down to differences in the headrail that aren't obvious to the naked eye!


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    Re: Concealed rotary/Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails

    Does the track you purchased have a stated gear ratio? I just notice that M&D have a standard 1:1 ratio then another 1:4 for heavier blinds with continuous chain loop - presumably this makes the heavier one easier to raise by putting less strain on the mechanism but needing more 'pulls'.

    I have a catalogue from another supplier who make these to order (or supply components) and they also have 2 control units - one at 1:1 for upto 4kg and a second at 1:3.5 for up to 8kg.

    I believe this means that in the ratio 1:4 the actual blind raising mechanism turns more slowly in comparison to the 'wheel' that the cord turns, so will take more 'pulls' to get the blind right up. (hope that makes sense!)

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      Re: Concealed rotary/Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails

      Hi Sue
      I think you have the 4:1 ratio in your track. This does make winding them up allot slower as more pulls. Phone Hallis Hudson up and ask which one they sent. It is worth keeping both in stock. I use them all the time.


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        Re: Concealed rotary/Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails

        Hi Sue,
        I think you only get a a standard control unit unless you ask for the 1.4 geared chain housing,( requires endless chain) I have bought units from Jones Interiors in the recent past but the unit only comes with 1.2 which doesnt seem to be strong enough to pull up even a small blind,then you end up buying a box of stronger, geared chain units, ratio 1.4. I have also had similar problems with M and D. Personally, I hate these cord lift systems and would opt for a fabric covered batten every time, although, sometimes if the blind is too heavy or the client insists on the chain lift then you have to go with it. Jones used to supply hexagonal rods which i found slipped ,when pulling up, now they have changed to square rods which are better, so people must have been complaining !!!
        All these headrail sets do seem to vary in price greatly depending on supplier.
        Regards, Helen


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          Re: Concealed rotary/Deluxe Rotary Chain headrails

          Hi Louise, Sophie and Helen,

          You were right! I hadn't asked for anything other than a 1:1 ratio, but I spoke with Hallis Hudson this morning and they confirmed that their profiles over a certain width (mine was 150cm) come with the 1:4 one as they assume it will be a larger and/or heavier blind.

          I've ordered up some spare 1:1 chain housings as a 1:4 on this blind is a bit like a sledgehammer & nut scenario!

          Thanks for your help, I can now sleep again at night ;o)