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Face fabric stretching in length - getting interlining and lining measurements right.

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  • Face fabric stretching in length - getting interlining and lining measurements right.

    I am making a very large blind 224cm wide and 224cm long, with blackout interlining and lining. The face fabric is embroidered linen and quite heavy as a result. It is this:

    I think the fabric is going to stretch out longer when hung up. Eg When it is laid out on the table and I measure it the finished drop on the table is 224cm (plus the hem allowances), but according to the manufacturers repeat measurement that amount of material would actually be 226cm. If I pull the fabric and stretch out it actually does stretch to 226cm, so I can see it will probably be 226cm when hung up.

    The extra length is not a problem, but I am wondering about how to measure and cut the blackout interlining and lining to avoid it not fitting properly if the face fabric stretches?

    (In fact I would be pleased if the fabric did stretch to 226cm, as 224cm is absolutely the minimum length blind I can do, but because of the repeats I would have had to buy 1.5 metres of expensive extra fabric to have an extra 2cm of blind!)

    Eg if I cut the interlining to fit the face fabric finished drop as laid out on the table (224cm) I am worried the interlining will be 2cm short when hung up as the face fabric will stretch out. Therefore the interlining and lining could pucker the sides of the blind as it won't give in the same way as the face fabric? But it is impossible for me to get the face fabric stretched out to the extra 2cm size.

    Or if I cut the interlining to 224cm wide and long will it prevent the face fabric from stretching out?

    I was wondering whether I should cut extra lining and interlining lengthwise, and not finish the hem until the blind is hung so that the fabric hangs down and I can get it all lined up? I have read on here that some people do the hem and stab stitches after the blind is hung.

    Thanks a lot!

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    You need to cut the blackout interlining to the correct size as it will be the most stable part of the blind. Also, remember that manufacturers do not always have the repeat stated accurately so don't struggle to make the fabric match the quoted size, especially perhaps for embroidered fabrics.
    Try and avoid actually pulling/stretching the fabric as it will surely move again at some point if you do. Have you got room and time to cut the drops and let them hang somewhere for a day or so to let them relax before use?

    Try and lay it out smoothly without pulling in any direction and then leave it a while to 'settle'. Then place the interlining on it as carefully as possible, and plan to work so that you minimise moving it on the table.

    If you're concerned about the stability of the finished blind, make sure you have enough stab stitches across each rod position to hold the layers in place. Absolute minimum one every 30cm but more if you think that would be better.

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