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How best to fix this mistake please?

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  • How best to fix this mistake please?

    Hello! I'm not a professional curtain maker (as you will see from what I'm about to write next) - and would be so grateful for advice on how to fix this....

    For some mad reason, I decided a great lockdown project would be to make a wide Roman Blind for an upstairs bedroom in our own home - finished width 255 cm.

    All was going well with cutting out, measuring extra-carefully. The main fabric was wide enough to use horizontally, but I needed to join the lining fabric.

    I then decided it would be more professional to have the joins with two pieces at the side rather than in the middle - but in cutting out the second piece of lining, I didn't realise it was folded and sliced through the second piece underneath.

    I salvaged enough of the wrongly-cut piece to have three uneven widths - it will be the bit facing the street in an upstairs bedroom, so no-one would notice the uneven widths, I hope.

    BUT before I even put any seams in, these three pieces only come to the finished blind width - 255cm.

    There's the central piece of 138 cm, another of 69 and the third of 48 cm - total 255 before they're joined. The finished drop is 130cm by the way - it's wide and not all that long.

    Is it best to:

    a) Make the seams as narrow as possible in the hope of getting to, say, 253cm width total for the lining - but if I do that, how do I make it up so the finished width of the completed blind is 255? (The track is 254)

    or b) Somehow add a fourth piece of fabric to give me the extra cm on the finished width? I have a strip of 13cm wide lining fabric which is long enough to add on - but how best to position it?

    or c) The option I don't really want to go for as I've spent a lot on the materials and postage already, but will do if your verdict is it will just not work/look dreadful without doing this - send for more lining fabric?

    Thank you for any advice!

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    Don't worry, I'm sure we've all been there- that sickening feeling you get when you realise you have cut in the wrong place! At least it's only the lining you have had an accident with!

    The lining on a roman blind is narrower than the face fabric anyway- I usually cut my lining to the finished width of the blind then turn in 2cms on each side. If you make the joining seams as narrow as you can and just turn in a small amount each side it should work out OK. You then slip stitch the lining to the face fabric leaving a border of 2-3 cms on each side. Are you making the rod pockets in the lining or applying tape? If using tape, make that match the width of the lining.

    Good luck with finishing your blind and don't be discouraged!

    Best wishes