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Roman blind recess width clearance

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  • Roman blind recess width clearance


    I know this is a pretty basic question, but I'd really appreciate your views on how much to reduce the window width measurement on a recessed blind by to allow the blind to pull up and down easily?

    Merrick and Day say to make a recessed blind to the narrowest window width measurement, not taking off anything. This seems rather risky to me. I was thinking about making the blind to the narrowest window width measurement minus 1cm for clearance on the sides. What do others do?

    Also for a recessed blind, do you take anything off the drop of the window when using a cassette header or just make it to the shortest window drop?

    Thanks very much

    Newbie maker!

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    Unless there is a textured surface inside the recess I make the fabric panel 5-10mm narrower, depending on how uneven it is. I always order the track 10mm shorter than the final blind width.
    I make my blind drop the same as the recess.
    I make sure I discuss this with the customer if the recess is really uneven, and give them the final decision.

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      When you order your cassette headrail, it usually gives you an option for recessed or not. if you tick recessed the headrail will be made a few mm shorter than the measurement you give to allow some space. You can then make the fabric part to that width.

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        I take a cm off generally - if it is uneven across the width I might take it off the largest measurement as long as there will still be enough clearance all the way down. Headrail 1cm narrower as Louise said. I tend to add a cm or so onto the length though as some length seems to get lost in the folds.


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          I haven't posted in such a long time. Hello evetybody! I make the blind 5mm less than narrowest measurement and the headrail a further 5mm less than the width of the blind. Take a plumbline and spirit level when measuring in case the window is skew.