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  • Headrails

    Hi guys,
    can anyone please tell me how much allowance is needed for a 5cm wide headrail? Using 16mm brass rings and wooden dowels. Do you include the rings? I would like the top fold to be long enough to line up with the other folds (hope I’m making sense!) when the blind is fully pulled up.
    Thank you

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    You need the depth of the batten + drop of the screw eyes (or whatever you will use as cord guides) + rings + diameter of dowel
    If you lay them out 'in position' on the table you can measure.

    Once you've made the blind remember to measure the actual drop and refine the figure (if necessary) for your next blind ...

    Have you watched our roman blind making video yet?

    sigpic Simply Sewing


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      Samantha, I'm not as experienced as others here in making roman blinds, and also I often struggle with calculations and figures. If I were to tackle your problem I would do as Louise suggests and lay the blind fabric on a table (before sewing rod pockets) and fold it up to see how the folds look. I have found when using rings to act as cord guides that a 'tighter' stack can be had , as compared to having the cords run through Rufflette rod pocket tape. To have a perfectly aligned 'stack' of folds ( you say you want the top-most fold to line up with the ones below), then the spacing between rod pockets will decrease slightly from top to bottom, ie. the top space is bigger than the space below it and so on. I've just seen you posted your question on 19th, so perhap you've already completed the blind by now! Do let us know how you got on!