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Roman Blind spacing

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  • Roman Blind spacing

    I've always struggled/deliberated how many rods to use/how much stack for Roman Blinds, so I thought I would ask what most people do? I have two Roman Blinds in the same room both to be placed in the recess, one with a length measurement of 127cm and one with a length measurement of 112cm. Would you use 4 for the larger blind and 3 rods for the smaller blind, or alternatively 4 and 5 rods?

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    Are you cascading? Id probably go for 3 and 4 ....
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      It does depend on whether you are cascading or not and how big a cascade. I like three rods and a cascade but others don't, have you used the magic formula to calculate the spaces? You can fiddle around a bit with it and see what looks better. The other thing is that if they are in the same room but not side by side, any small difference in the spacing wont be that obvious, but you have to have a difference as they are not the same drop.