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Blind inside the recess, extending beyond recess...

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  • Blind inside the recess, extending beyond recess...

    I hope I can explain what I mean...
    I need a window treatment for a new west facing window in a planned extension.
    The existing kitchen diner already has a small west facing window which lets in much needed light to a fairly dark room.

    However at meal times this can mean that the sun can often be in the eyes of those eating, so we have wooden Venetians tilted to diffuse the light when required, and open at others.
    The extension ( a family room) will have a larger window facing the same way, and I can see this might a problem with the same low evening light falling on the TV wall.

    We need something to diffuse the light at some times, and maybe to block it out at others when watching TV.

    I thought of a Blackout Roman blind for the TV watching with a very light roller blind tucked up behind it .

    To minimise light spillage round the edges of the roman blind, I thought about having the cassette headrail mounted inside the recess at the very front, with the fabric 5cm wider than the recess and the headrail so that it extends outside the recess.

    I'm sure there is a blindingly obvious flaw in my plan but I can't see it , until I make this blind and find myself going "oh dear".

    It's for me, not a client, so the aesthetics are not paramount!

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    Using a cassette headrail I think you would find the cords 'pulled' the fabric back into the recess as even if the track is fitted flush with the wall, the cord reels are a cm or so back from the velcro face.

    This might work better with a cord operated track (more like a wooden batten) where the cords are more flush to the face of the track so closer to the back of the blind itself. I have used these from Jones in the past where a customer wanted blinds for a traditional cottage and did not want a cassette system.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	jones cord lift track and cord guide.JPG Views:	7 Size:	53.4 KB ID:	131463

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      Your explanation makes perfect sense Louise.
      I knew that there must be some reason not to do this, otherwise we'd use this set up more often!
      I think I'll just have Roman outside recess like a sensible person...