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  • Roman Blind Calculations

    please can someone help me, getting really stressed with this:

    finished drop of blind = 174cm
    headrail allowance = 6cm
    4 rods
    blind must be pull up to stack of 28cm
    the top fold has to fall over the other folds by about 3cm (ie the other folds disappear underneath so it looks like a pelmet going around the window rather than blinds

    can anyone work the spacing out for me!
    Ive been trying for four days now.

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    You may not be able to get this exact as you have various 'fixed' dimensions. I think it will work like this:-

    Deduct 6cm from the total drop (2 x 3cm the required overhang when raised) so blind drop reduced to 168cm

    If you calculate for 4 rods with a headrail allowance of 6cm the rod spacing is 36cm and the blind will be 24cm when raised.

    If you then add the 6cm you removed at the beginning back in at the top section, the blind drop goes back to 174cm and the extra fabric will create the deeper fold for the overhang you require and mean a 27cm drop when the blind is raised.

    Please check this with a piece of scrap lining to make sure it works! If anyone spots that this won't work, please post......

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      Hi Yvonne
      Would this work
      Track allowance - 6cm
      Top Fold - 44cm (22cm + 6cm gives top fold of 28cm)

      Then divide remaining drop 126 ( 176 - 50 ) by 7 ( 3 rods) = 18
      So, working from the bottom of the blind the spacing would be
      36cm (54cm)
      36cm (90cm)
      36cm (126cm)
      50cm (176cm)

      That gives a 4 cm overhang for the top flap.



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        Hi Jane and Louise, really helpful both of you!
        Havent worked it out on scrap of lining now, I’ve settled for 17.5cm and then 35cm, 35cm, 35cm, which then gives 45.5cm plus 6cm headrail. It makes the top flap sit at around 29cm but that is ok.

        Thanks so so much Jane and Louise. Absolutely great responses from you. Thanks for both taking the trouble.



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          My pleasure - you can drive yourself mad trying to work things ilke this out on your own!

          sigpic Simply Sewing