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Interlining confusion

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  • Interlining confusion

    I'm making a blind with quite lightweight material. The customer does not want blackout. I have always used a combo of domette and lining.
    This time because of the size of the blind (2m x 1.6m) I need to join linings. This plus the lightness of the fabric I was therefore going to try bonded lining instead of domette with my usual lining.
    I am going around in circles trying to work out which interlining to use.Fleece or wadded?
    I have accounts with Edmund Bell, Hallis and Evans. Any recommendations please???
    Many Thanks

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    I use bonded lining which has lightweight sarille bonded to it - like
    Rather confusing that they call it fleece when in fact it's sarille........most trade suppliers stock similar so it might boil down to whether you want to buy a few metres to try or commit to a roll.

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      I'm using bonded blackout in between fabric and lining for the first time, but don't know whether to interlock on the blackout side. I do intend to stab stitch all the layers together so some light will inevitably show through.

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    Hi, I use HH bonded interlining H153 I think. I have used it with lightweight fabric. On a large blind I usually railroad it & the lining & make the joins under a rod pocket (say 1cm under the rod pocket).


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      Thanks Louise and Kls. I've never had to join lining/interlining on a blind before but I've seen a really good post on here which I'll follow.....


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        If it's a light fabric you might want to consider using white backed interlining as it may be visible through the face fabric and therefore change the colour of it .....
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          I use polycotton bonded to interline blinds for three reasons - poly cotton is more stable than 100% cotton, the sarille seems to be bonded to a paler colour lining which doesn't alter the face fabric colour, and it's a lighter weigh than cotton bonded.

          I railroad join the bonded, and also the blind lining. The lining I use (bancroft 3000) has very straight selvedges so I join it using a face to face 4mm(ish) seam and I hide this within a rod pocket. I add a couple of mm to the pocket to allow to the take-up from the joining process.

          I join the bonded by overlapping it 1 cm (this ifs often not covered fully by sarille in any case) and using hand running stitches. I place this join at a rod pocket position so that I don't introduce any extra shadow lines.

          No problems so far