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Chain loop dilemma

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  • Chain loop dilemma

    Hi, I’ve just started up making blinds professionally and have come across my first dilemma. I’ve purchased Roman blind systems and realised two problems, firstly the chain loop will finish less than 150cm from the ground and secondly it’s a bay window and I have nowhere to fix the p clip to on the central window. I’ve looked on the internet for chain breakaway devices but they won’t work because the chain will need to pass through the chain mechanism. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me please?
    Thanks in advance

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    Where did you buy the tracks - have you contacted the supplier to see if they can replace just the mechanism on the tracks so that you can use a chain with breakaway? It is important that you work with the original supplier to ensure you stay compliant.

    What fitting height and blinds drops are you working with? Depending on the gear ratio of the mechanism you might be able to fit a shorter chain.

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      Hallis Hudson have a product that should come to your rescue: it's a chain break away that can be used with metal and plastic chains and means you don't need a 'P' clip. Essentially you need 2 chain loops , one that hangs from the chain mechanism as normal but is fairly short drop (ideally not longer than the stack of the romans then it's hidden behind the folds. Then the second longer chain loop hangs as long as you want. It's a rectangular thing so isn't so neat but because the device breaks away to allow the lower chain will fall. Get yourself an account with Hallis Hudson as a wholesaler as they have many products that you'll find useful.
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        Kay, I've just noticed Hallis do a product called a 'Continous Breakaway Chain'. These come in different drops and are white plastic chains that have an integral break away which means they'll slip through any chain mechanism without acting as a 'stop'. They are supplied with an orange plastic tool to fix the two ends of a broken chain together, should the chain break. Because the breakaway is invisible the blind weight is low at 2.5kg. Click image for larger version  Name:	Hallis invisible endless chain with integral breakaway.png Views:	1 Size:	17.1 KB ID:	130995 Sorry the image is in a strange position!


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          Surely you can only use any of the Hallis chains with their headrails- all the components of any system have to have been tested together to be compliant.

          Sorry to throw a spanner in the works!

          Best wishes