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    I'm trying to get the 'tightest' most minimal stack I possibly can on a blind because it's going above an inward opening door. I think I've done my best using small rings sewn onto the rod pockets, (which are the smallest rod pockets I've ever done). The effect is an almost perfect arrangement of self-stacked folds with a 3 cm hem below as there's a contrast colour border to be on show permanently. I wanted the stack drop to be no more than 19cms and it's 20cm. I don't think I can do anything else with the blind so I'm faced with asking the fitter to fit the headrail 1 cm higher. I'm hoping that this blind being a middle blind on a wall of three ( the two either side are about 80 cms to 95cms apart from each other) will not look horrible. I already told the customer that because all the windows and the door recesses are different heights and indeed the blinds have differing drops, the folds will not be the same. The door blind has 5 rods and the two either side have 3. The widths of all are almost the same ( 125cms) and the finished drops vary by 15 cms. The fabric is a vertical multi-width stripe.
    Have I made the correct decision do you think? I'm fitting the 3 blinds in three days' time. so I have time to re-do if anyone can suggest any tips?

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    Hi Caroline

    Without seeing the window arrangement it's a bit difficult to visualise, but I don't think it will matter that the folds are not the same on the three blinds. Presumably the stacked depth will be similar and when the blinds are down the differing fold depths won't be apparent, especially with a bold vertical stripe pattern. If the headrail heights are symmetrical the central one being higher should be OK too, though maybe a slightly greater difference than 1 centimetre would make it clear that it was deliberate, not an accident!.
    Would there be any possibility of linking and levelling the tops of the three blinds with a pelmet or valance across the whole width or are there structural features in the way? Or individual pelmets at the same height and depth above each blind?
    I guess the best thing to do would be to put the blinds up and look at the finished result, then you can see if you need to do any tweaking. This kind of problem is responsible for more sleepless nights among curtainmakers that anything isn't it?
    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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      Thank you for you your thoughts, Liz, it's appreciated. I had forgotten how much space there was between the three windows and it was more like a metre apart, so the 1cm higher really didn't show at all. Yes the stack of the door blind is narrower than the two either side , but the pink border shows and customer pulls down them down longer than the stack any way so it doesn't really look too odd. Have yet to hear the customer's thought on it, though as she wasn't there when I did the fitting.


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        Those look really smart Caroline and I'm sure your customer will be pleased. Thank you for the photos.