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Tips on getting stitch lines really straight!

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  • Tips on getting stitch lines really straight!

    can anyway offer me any tips or suggestions- I'm making roman blinds using a domestic machine, and using the sew on method. No matter how I try , my lines are always slightly wobbly. Obviously worse on a wider blind. I know that using an industrial machine is probably the answer, and that's my intention but for the moment what can I do? I pin and press my channels first and my lines are perfectly straight at the bottom pocket and top/side seams- just when I'm sewing the tapes on? Are there some tapes on the market that make the job easier (i.e stiffer?). Any tips would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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    Hi I've never used tape so can't really offer any solutions based on experience. Have you tried marking the lines below/above the tape with a vanishing pen to help guide you? Have you tried making up rod pockets in the lining instead of using tape?


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      I use rod pocket tapes and actually I don't think that stiffer tapes would be your answer, (I have never come across very stiff ones). The only thing I can think is that sometimes the tapes can have one 'stretched' edge compared to the other and that may cause a problem. It's best not to stretch a tape as you sew and I find that if I can't get the two edges flat together by manually stretching before sewing, then I use the more taut edge to sew to the blind. Are you drawing a pencil line as a guide to line up the edge of the tape?
      Using the best match or invisible thread so any stitching on the face will minimise its appearance is a given. As long as the rods are going to be parallel and level, then don't worry overly about the stitching if it's a millimetre or two out.
      Hope this helps.