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White bonded blackout lining

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  • White bonded blackout lining

    Is this available? I'm going to be making two blackout blinds for a bedroom, the fabric is mainly white but I have been unable to track down white bonded lining. The ivory I have seems to dull the fabric.
    If the white bonded isn't available and I was to use ordinary white blackout which obviously I can get how would I attach interlining to it as obviously need to herringbone stitch the side turnings

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    Hi Marian.

    Ive attached an old post of mine that may help....

    Also some members place the fluffy side down of the BBO onto the wrong side of the fabric, which may be an option for you depending on your make up method.


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      Thanks for that. I've only ever made one blackout blind before and then the bonded interlining colour wasn't a problem. I've been sat thinking about this this morning and did wonder about using double sided tape to stick the interlining onto the blackout to avoid needle holes when stitching sides or spraying the blackout with stick and spray and then laying the interlining on top, same sort of thing as as attaching wadding when making a quilt, I see someone mentioned using double sided on the link you gave


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        Hi Marian, I have made roman blinds with Black Bolton Twill which is black & put white sheeting between the white blind fabric & bbt which worked well to keep face fabric white & unaffected by the darker layer. Should work with bonded which isnt as dark as bbt. You can buy small quantities of white sheeting from Merrick & Day. Hope that helps.