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First interlined roman blind

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  • First interlined roman blind

    Hello, I'm just making my first interlined roan blind, it's bot blackout so am just using bonded lining. I've cut the bonded interlining the exact width of the finished blind so it isn't folded over on the side turnings and will just attach it via the herringbone stitches but not sure about the bottom hem and the top edge.
    do you fold up the interlining along with the normal lining which has the rod pockets, as in the video, or finish at the bottom fold line of the blind and just leave a 5cm turning on the blind itself and make mitred corners and bring the lining over the hem and slip stitch the lining in place once the bottom weight has been inserted?

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    Personally, I cut the bonded interlining to the blind length at the bottom and herringbone the edge across so that there is no chance it will move or slip once the hem weight pocket has been formed. The tiny stitches then sit in the hem fold of the fabric and are virtually invisible.

    At the top I leave a small excess length of interlining until the rest of the blind is assembled then trim it back before finishing the top and attaching the velcro. I don't herringbone it but make sure I catch it all across the top of the blind when I hand sew the velcro 'flap' in place (without taking any of the stitches through to the face fabric_. I know some makers prefer to herringbone this edge too though.

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      Thank you for the tip about the bottom edge, just done it and it has worked a treat. I simply didn't like the bulk when the interlining was folded up with the hem, made the bottom edge very bulky.


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        Well all finished and looks great inserting interlining is certainly worth the extra bit of work