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  • Lost cogs!

    Is anyone having the problem with the newer chain safety feature of the 'drop-out cog' .........dropping out and getting lost?
    Two of my customers have managed to pull the chain down and of course I get the call-out to 'fix the blind as it doesn't work'.
    I've asked whether they have the cog that holds the chain and the first lady said she wasn't in the room when the chain dropped and left it some weeks before calling me, hence it definitely was lost. The second lady said it was her (teenage)son that pulled the chain out and noticed the plastic cog flying off, but a search of the room was unsuccessful. I effected a fix on both occasions by substituting another chain housing that I had spare, but I'm going to have to let the headrail manufacturers know that they will have to supply extra cogs when necessary. It was two different headrails: one that has the cog set at the blind edge and the other set back a couple of centimetres, and the cogs are different and not interchangeble. I took a photo of the chain housing that lost it's cog.
    Thius type of chain housing drops it's cog quite easily!

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    I've used these on many blinds and would say it only reasonable that the client picks it up if and when it is activated - They must have noticed as the chain would have been on the floor also. Personally and I think it very kind of you to replace them for both your clients and even gone out to replace, After all, they have done exactly what they are supposed to do when excessive weight is placed on them.

    I've told all my clients how to replace the cogs should they pop out, it's not a fault, it's a safety feature.
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