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    Hi. Wondering if anyone who uses Edmund Bell would mind sharing their thoughts on some of their products please?

    I'm interested in using their Outblack Fleece as a bonded blackout interliner for Roman blinds - which one does everyone tend to use and does it hold well for RBs or is it quite drapey?

    Also interested in trying their linings for RBs. I'm waiting for samples on these but any recommendations for a crisp lining please?

    Thank you

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    I've never tried the Edmund Bell products - I use blackout interlining for my romans from Hallis Hudson as I find it stable but softer than some so that it falls into folds nicely.

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      I also use Hallis bonded blackout for romans (as it is a bit cheaper than Edmund bell's) and I use a Hallis lining that keeps its shape well for my romans. I can though recommend Edmund Bell's outblack silk for curtains which drapes nicely and is much easier to handsew than any other blackout I have used. I often use one of their 100% cotton linings for curtains too.


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        Hi AFSSF!
        I use these Edmund Bell products when making roman blinds and I think they're great! Bonded blackout folds well but keeps it's shape (don't use for curtains - far too stiff!) and I use their 'Platinum' lining for both RBs and curtains. I don't have room to store a dedicated roman blind lining.Good price and quick delivery.

        Hope that helps!