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Roman blind safety issues~ Is there a solution to a problem

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  • Roman blind safety issues~ Is there a solution to a problem

    Although it has been mentioned before re: safety issues with the ball chain mechanisims on a roman system, the aspect that has been discussed is the side winding chain. See post below:

    Side Winder

    After watching this you tube link it occured to me that there is a potential problem with regards to the internal cords. I have put the link to the video below


    So, my questions are:

    is there a solution to the problem?
    Is there a way of inserting the cords vertically into channels in the linings???
    How would this work???

    Prevention is far better than cure ( or not in this case, the ultimate ending is a dead end) , this particular issue is one I ponder over. I don't think I could ever rest easy for the rest of my days if something like this happened with a roman blind I had made and fitted.

    Any ideas???

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    Re: Roman blind safety issues~ Is there a solution to a problem

    Hello [email protected],

    I haven't dared to watch the video - I think I can envisage the outcome.

    If the cords were fed through channels in the lining, the lining would rouche (sp) when the blind was raised. The only way it falls in neat folds is due to the fact the cords run freely through rings/tapes that are only in contact with the blind at the points of the rods......


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      Re: Roman blind safety issues~ Is there a solution to a problem

      Having watched this clip I feel this is one of those situations where ultimately it is up to the customer to decide. If asked to make a roman for a child's room we should clearly but calmly point out the risks of the cords and/or mechanisms - so much depends on the size and placement of the window and the furniture in the individual rooms.

      I can't see a way to make a blind that functions like a roman without cords. I would imagine a small child could perhaps also injure themselves on a roller or venetian blind if they were able to climb up to one. I have heard of accidents with cot bumpers which seem pretty innocent too. There are so many potential dangers that sadly I don't think we can work our way around them all.

      If ever I had a customer who was worried then I would encourage them to have a roller blind with a safety clip to hold the chain in place and also make sure the chain had a low breaking strain so that it would snap if any weight was applied. Or just have curtains..........

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        Re: Roman blind safety issues~ Is there a solution to a problem

        If we tried to avoid every potential safety issue, we would be out of business! There could be problems with children chewing lead weights, people tripping over pooled curtains, fingers being trapped in venetian blinds, fumes from FR treatments...

        We can't be in the client's house 24 hours a day, keeping watch. Having said that, I would not want an accident around anything I have made.

        I think we can only be aware of possible problems and point them out to clients, bearing in mind that these accidents are extremely rare. Re cords, include a mild sentence in your quote about the possible concerns, and with chain and loop mechanisms, supply a safety lock.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
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