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Very wide roman blinds.....

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  • Very wide roman blinds.....

    I have been asked to quote for a roman blind measuring almost 3m wide by about 150cm drop. Although M&D do a rotary chain header that wide, I'm really concerned about the practicalities of making one blind that wide (for a start my table's only 2.5m long!).

    I would put one width in the middle and about half a width in each side panel. But will it be stable? How easy will it be to keep it straight and square when I'm making it up??

    I'm wondering about making up 2 blinds sitting side by side but operating on the same rotary header - would that be a better option? will it work??

    your thoughts please

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    Re: Very wide roman blinds.....

    Hi Jane,

    Apart from the practicalities, I am of the opinion that very wide blinds do not look particularly good. I much prefer a blind to be taller than it is wide. I have made blinds up to 2M wide at a push, but more than one blind side by side would be my advice.

    Sorry I can be much help on the track as I use battens all the time. They don't go wrong and I always have all the components in stock!



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      Re: Very wide roman blinds.....

      That is a very wide blind!! I would only use alluminium rods and only use a rotary track system because the weight will be quite heavy if in constant use. Good luck.


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        Re: Very wide roman blinds.....

        I have always been a 'batten' person as not much can go wrong with them. I recently was persuaded by a client who did not want 'all those strings' hanging down. (I plait mine by the way)

        I bought the PRECHN from Price & Co & have done quite a few successfully. Until this week that is ! I have just done a whole house & had trouble with some of the continuous chain units - 2 had fallen apart in the packet before opening them; (as had some of the up-tape units) 1 was jammed & had to take it down in front of client - could not fix it. Luckily I take spare tracks with me, so pinched one out of those.

        Next thing - winding up the final blind & the whole continuous chain unit fell apart So I wait with baited breath that I am not called back as it is an hour from me!

        So, do check all components are firmly clipped in place before putting them up - also pull the chain & check that. I chose these as they were medium price range........ I am still keeping my lovely battens under the workbench tho'.
        Sue Hazell Cert Ed. PCE