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Romans interlock or stab stitch?

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  • Romans interlock or stab stitch?

    Please could you advise for me as I'm confused?!

    I've made about 50 roman blinds in my life and always interlock interlining to main fabric (between pleats and there pockets are)
    After interlock lining (catching interlining and couple of threads of face fabric).

    It worked really well! I never use stab stitch.

    Now I have to do it because of the fabric quality and wide blind width (220 cm)

    Do you always use stab stitch? Or that's not necessary if I interlock all layers ?

    Can I do stab stitch when bottom weight and rods are inside already?

    Thank a lot!

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    Re: Romans interlock or stab stitch?

    Hello Olga, I normally stab stitch & do it before I put the rods & bottom bar in. It's interesting that we all seem to use slightly different methods.


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      Re: Romans interlock or stab stitch?

      I stab stitch after putting the bottom bar in but before putting in each rod.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Romans interlock or stab stitch?

        I stab stitch after I've inserted the rods and bottom bar as that's the way I was originally taught. But like a lot of things, I don't think there's one definitive right or wrong way.
        Catherine Lepreux Interiors


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          Re: Romans interlock or stab stitch?

          Your method of interlocking the layers obviously works well for you and I'm guessing you don't want to do this because of the wide width; it will take more time. Stab-stitching is doing the same job just in fewer places across the blind. Don't do both because it's not necessary. My thoughts are that if you start doing a different method to one you are used to then you may not find it easy or quicker. You don't say what the drop is. I hang my blinds up where I can get to both sides and with all the rods and bottom weight bar in place as I find they can sometimes 'stretch' the fabric a little and as long as this happens before the stitching then I get a good effect.


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            Re: Romans interlock or stab stitch?

            That is interesting that you interlock rather than stab stitching, do you find that this works well on blackout lined blinds? Personally I have always stab stitched and before I put the bottom bars and rods in, I do this flat on the table but do check to make sure the fabric is taut.

            Kind Regards


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              Re: Romans interlock or stab stitch?

              On the blackout blinds - stab stitch works better.
              But on the nice (not too soft or sagging fabric) I normally just interlock all layers with double thread.
              When lock stitch lining - try to catch couple of threads on the main fabric through all layers.
              It looks really well and neat.
              And time shows - they work well too, any problems.