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faux suede fabric for a roman blind

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  • faux suede fabric for a roman blind

    i have seen a thick faux suede fabric and some very thin faux suede fabric, having never sewn with it at all, i wanted to know if any of you have a preference with the thick stuff or the thin stuff, the thin stuff appears to me more expensive which is why im asking the question.

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    Re: faux suede fabric for a roman blind

    I used faux suede for the first time late last year, I looked around for a good thick one and it was nightmare! Could get a crease line in it and ended up having to interline the entire order.

    I'd probably go for a thin fabric to be honest - Or try a brushed cotton type fabric instead of faux suede.

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      Re: faux suede fabric for a roman blind

      The thick stuff can be a nightmare as getting a needle in it can almost take your fingers off , then the problem with the thin stuff is that it is streatchy, if your just starting out using it, I'd make sure that the drop and width will fit on you table so you can see what it's doing and make sure it doesn't move around.