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interlined roman blind

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  • interlined roman blind

    im going to be making my first interlined roman blind. (not just lined as i have made many times before- and im wondering what interlining to use, should i used the bonded interlining or go for a norman sepeate layer. have had no experience with this and is it necessary to interlock the interlining. blind will be 166 wide by 130 drop.

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    Hi Dee

    I'd use a normal interlining and I'd also railroad if to avoid joins. Interlock and herringbone stitch the sides. Lay on lining and stab stitch as normal.

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      Dee - - I use either 280 grm Domett or Sarril, if thats how you spell it, depending on the weight I want to produce. Domett is much more luxurious though and the man made equivelent is quite nice to use and gives a lighter air to the blind. Both are easy to herringbone into place so between the two it's just about the feel of the finished product.

      I have never used bonded interlining and I can't see me ever doing so but I can imagine it being difficult at the edges when you fold it because of the bulk unless you can strip the interlining element back and cut it away where you fold your lining to hand stitch it into place.but if you are going to go to that trouble I can't see the point.


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        thanks very much for the quick responses, the interlocking side of it do it do i do it across the fabric at intervals - how often ( im a novice on this one) is it necessary to interlock it


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          Dee - - I have an admission to make and I'll probably have people leaping all over me now but I never interlock roman blinds.

          Interlocking is there to prevent linings and interlnings floating apart in long curtains but in a blind there is so much going on with stab stitches and all that, on very careful annalysis, I have failed to see the point of this additional task.


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            thanks for that . looking forward to it when fabric arrives, ive always wanted to interline one.