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Roman blind fold calculator

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  • Roman blind fold calculator

    Whilst browsing another link put on the forum,I noticed a rather good roman blind fold calculator that I thought was really good. I've not see one before , so thought I'd share

    roman blind fold calculator

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    Re: Roman blind fold calculator

    Very useful but there were a couple of things I found a bit odd - for a blind 70.5" long & with a stackage of 10", it said you should have 12 folds of 5" each and the lowest drop (so the half fold at the bottom) should be 6.5" - surely this means the bottom half fold will hang 1.5" below the rest of the blind Also it said use 12 battens spaced 5" apart and sew lift rings on every other batten....why have that many battens and only sew lift rings to every other one?


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      Re: Roman blind fold calculator

      I have simply set up a spreadsheet that calculates mine for me exactly how I like to make them, it works out my materials dimensions and costs too, right down to the last ring and metre of cord. Personally I couldn't work in imperial measurements, and it means I can tweak it if I want to for customised rod spacing etc.

      As it is an American site I wonder if it works things out slightly differently if it uses US techniques/methods?

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        Re: Roman blind fold calculator

        The bottom fold will hang 1.5" below the bottom of the blind, which is very acceptable, especially if you have a contrast border to show. The battens are on the back and front folds, to keep the blind very crisp in shape, but of course the rings are only needed on the back folds.
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