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Automatic blinds for Velux windows

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  • Automatic blinds for Velux windows

    Does anyone have information to share on sourcing/fitting/operating these?

    I have a customer with a Velux window above the dining table in her kitchen; she has already had a wand operated blind for some years, and is not impressed with its performance. My impression is that she would happily pay to have an automatic blind, either solar or battery powered, providing she has some assurance that it won't be as crap as the last one!

    I would ideally like to have a roller blind laminated using her own fabric, but realise that this is a big ask.

    Anyone able to help me out with recommendations and/or supply?

    Many thanks in anticipation from sunny Yorkshire,


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    Re: Automatic blinds for Velux windows

    I suggest you speak to Steven Scotland (who will be able to laminate the blind for you and I'm pretty sure they also supply the remote). Alternatively contact Velux direct and speak to them. Be aware that there is a difference between solar and electric powered in how the blind looks (one or the other is only available with an alluminium surround) but I recently supplied some to a customer and they (Velux) were very helpful ......
    Quarndon Curtain Design


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      Re: Automatic blinds for Velux windows

      I can't remember who I've spoken to, Jacqui, but thought I'd already asked Stevens ... will try again! Couldn't actually get through to Velux when I tried the number in Scotland - it rang for some time before I gave up and posted on here! Thank you!


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        Re: Automatic blinds for Velux windows

        Jackie, you have to hang on the phone to Velux for ages but they do answer eventually! I have the email of a very helpful chap there, I will ping it over to you - if I forget between now & then just give me a nudge! 😊

        Kind regards

        The Curtain Room


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          Re: Automatic blinds for Velux windows

          The genuine velux motorised blinds are excellent. they are simple to use and the solar powered option means that they need no wiring and charging. We have an account with Velux and could supply you if you dont come right. We only use the standard velux fabrics as they dont supply 'kits' anymore.
          Peter Ford ¦ Decorquip