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  • Fire Retardancy

    Has anybody ever supplied roller blinds to businesses. I know Silent GLiss are all FR as standard.

    Digetex do not come Fire Retardant as standard and according to them they hardly get asked for it. Yet they continuosly supply the contract market. I don't get it?? I thought everything had to be FR for business use or is this a grey area?

    I have quoted for a lot of digital printed blinds for a Nursery and I would not want their lives put at risk becasue of somthing I have done. Any body enlighten me?? Thanks
    Karen Rhodes
    Karen Rhodes Design
    Pole Design

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    Re: Fire Retardancy

    I have quoted for Care Homes in the past & that all had to be FR-ed so I expect Nurseries would be the same unless of course they are nurturing plants rather than children


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      Re: Fire Retardancy

      It could be that blinds are considered less of a fire risk than curtains, (less likely to blow around if alight) so are not required to be FR'd, but I suspect it depends on how the rules are interpreted, hence the uncertainty and variation. The cost will be borne by the client, so for safety's sake and your peace of mind quote FR and say that you have done so.

      I think this is the relevant legislation:
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Fire Retardancy

        Hi Karen

        I have two suppliers for blinds and can supply digital printed rollers, neither of them do FR fabric for these types of blinds.

        One company did say that they did not think the image would transpose to FR'ed fabric.



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          Re: Fire Retardancy

          These people http://www.creativelydifferentblinds...OurBlinds.aspx say their digitally printed roller blinds are made with fire retardant they have a huge range of images to choose from.

          I have no idea how they compare in price though.....

          sigpic Simply Sewing