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Making a roller blind

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  • Making a roller blind

    Sorry if this is a very silly question, but is there any way of joining fabric to make a 170cm wide roller blind. Thanks.

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    There may be a way with a professional heat bonding machine, but nothing I’m aware of to get a flat join suitable for a roller blind that you could do easily without.


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      Thanks, that's what I thought really, but was asked if I could make one.


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        If you are not going to use roller blind specific cloth, most of which are wider than your requested 1700mm anyway, there are several things to consider. Namely, can it be laminated to make it suitable for a roller blind as it needs to be stable on the tube to stop run off.

        Making a blind wider than the cloth is known a railroading, where the fabric is turned sideways to get the blind width and panels are then joined horizontally, if necessary, to form the drop. As you would be going against the manufacturing direction of roll, you may run in to a problem known as cupping, where the edges of the cloth curl. Ribs in the cloth (or side channels) help to control this.

        Your chosen MTM blind supplier will have access to a vast collection of beautiful fabrics made for rollers most of which will be at least 1830mm wide, if not 2000mm or 2400mm. More specialist makers like us tend to use plain screen fabrics where 2500mm is considered narrow as most are 3000mm or 3200mm wide.

        Within these ranges there will be something that your client will love, that is engineered for the application they want and allows you to provide a blind in the knowledge that all parts are designed to work together. (Don't forget the Child Safety regulations when selecting your hardware)