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Motorisation for roller blinds

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  • Motorisation for roller blinds

    Can anyone recommend a slim, neat rechargeable motorised system for roller blinds. I have looked at them in the past for romans but thought the systems quite bulky. Now have a requirement for roller blinds. Client has looked at Ultra (from Appeal blinds). Would love to hear your experience of using this type of rechargeable system. Thanks!

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    There are any number of rechargeable battery systems, all of the major component suppliers have one, so getting your roller manufacturer to sell you one should be very simple.

    As with all things, you get what you pay for. Some systems have very weak, dumb motors that can only cope with small blinds and use rechargeable AA batteries. Others have built in Lithium Ion batteries that can be charged from the mains or by a solar panel, these will be the middle to upper end of the market and their functionality and intelligence will increase in line with your budget.

    The main things to look out for are hardware size in relation to blind size. There is no point using a 0.5Nm motor in 32mm tube if you want a blind 3m wide and 4m drop. But equally, do not expect the 60mm diameter tube, 3Nm 28rpm hardware we use to make just such a blind to only be the £100 that the other one costs.

    I would start by knowing what size blinds you need, appreciating that they will be radio operation, thinking about the technical properties you want from the sunscreen or blackout fabric and then making some enquiries with different manufacturers, us included if you do need to go beyond 2m wide and/or 3m drop


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      Thanks Richard, so many options out there & variability in terms of noise etc...


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        I've used the motorised option from Hallis signature range a couple of times. Recharcheable lithium from the mains. Diana


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          Thanks Diana, were they Somfy motors? if not I'd love to know how noisy the system is, are you able to comment on that? Appreciate your feedback.