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  • London Blind

    In my 14 (crikey is it that long?) years of making curtains I have - for the FIRST time - been asked to make a London blind, with a contrast edge on three sides.

    Is there anything I need to bear in mind when embarking on this new challenge?
    For example I normally use bonded interlining in my roman blinds but I think this might stop the blind from draping properly?

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated (quite excited actually ......)
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    Re: London Blind

    I would only use a soft/thin interlining - having made the wonderful total of one London blind!

    If it is to be regularly used, make sure the customer knows it will need a fair amount of dressing to look nice each time it is raised. Unless you can mount outside the recess with clearance above, they tend to block more light than a roman.

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      Re: London Blind

      All of the above - I've made quite a few. The last was in a lovely herringbone tweed and I thought it looked fab, but the customer was worried that too much light was being shut out (of a very small cottage window on the north side with trees right outside the door!) so I need to go back and tweak the position of the rings on the back. For that reason, I'd suggest that you do a mock-up in lining or a piece of scrap fabric in a similar weight to the actual fabric you'll be using.

      Good luck!


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        Re: London Blind

        We have also made a few of these but yes definitely no bonded lining, it would not drape well at all. The last one we made was bold Floral with plain inserts, looked lovely but they do need dressing or a tweak here and there at times.