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Heavy reefer blind!

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  • Heavy reefer blind!

    I am making a reefer blind for a client that is interlined (i advised against this because it is very thick but thats what she wanted). I have made reefer blind before with great success but this one is causing me problems. The blind is 94cm wide 115cm drop. It works fine but when you pull it up the fabric tabs that the rings are attached to at the front pull the velcro away from where it is fixed, because there is too much weight being pulled up by the cords. Hope that makes sense!. Need ideas please how to fix this problem, the only thing that i can think of doing is putting a nail through the fabric at the back of the tab to hold it in place. It wont show because the tab will be in front of it but i hate the thought of putting a nail through my work. Any other ideas or is this my only option plus will it work has anybody else had this problem? Oh yes and what type of nail would i use? Many thanks Natasha

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    Re: Heavy reefer blind!

    I use a slightly different method for my reefer blinds.....

    I use a wooden batten and screw in eyelets like for a roman. The cord ties to the eyelet, goes down the back of the blind and under the roll at the bottom. Then up the front of the blind to the top just below the velcro, where I stitch an eyelet hole for each cord, the cord goes through the blind to thread through the eyelets at the back then to the side (like a roman). I make small fabric tabs and stitch them in place with the velcro, they fold over the top of the blind and cover the eyelet points. You could press small metal eyelets if you preferred.

    This is in Maureen Whitemore's furnishing book.

    I know this means the blind looks different, but you might want to keep in in mind if you get really stuck. PM me if you would like the instructions from the book.

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      Re: Heavy reefer blind!

      hi Natasha,
      I always staple a roll up blind and the tabs to the batten, so don't worry about using nails (although staples may be better?) as it will probably solve the problem.

      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings