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Help please - Waterfall Blind

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  • Help please - Waterfall Blind

    Hi Everyone

    I have been asked to quote for a "Waterfall" blind, and not quite sure how I would make this. Has anyone made one of these? It's not a cascade as I orginally thought, the client wants a small fold of fabric when the blind is down instead of just the flat panel of fabric.

    Can anyone help, as I seem to be having a blank moment, and I can't get my head around it.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Help please - Waterfall Blind

    They are also known as hobbled blinds - if you search with that word there are already some posts with some info on how to make them. Essentially you add a given amount to each fold to create the extra fabric and stitch cotton tape to the back of the blind to create the finished drop when the blind is down, that creates the folds.

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      Re: Help please - Waterfall Blind

      Hi Anita,
      I have made these before and I work out the pockets as normal and then add on between 5 and 10 cm depending on how much fold is required when the blind is down, on the rings at the back you then thread the cord as normal and then have a second cord that is fixed between each ring, stopping the fold from opening totally, I am not sure if this makes sense but hope it makes sense. They do look stunning.


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        Re: Help please - Waterfall Blind

        Hi Anita, this book has detailed instructions on how to make a hobbled blind - loads of pictures.

        If you want to PM me your address I can photocopy the pages and send it to you



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          Re: Help please - Waterfall Blind

          Hi-jacking this thread slightly - I have never made one of these. I have always been unsure how neatly they sit when pulled up? Keep intending to make a sample when I'm not too busy, but never got round to it.