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Help - Lorna Anne Instructions for Swags

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  • Help - Lorna Anne Instructions for Swags

    Hi all

    I wonder if anyone can possibly help me please? Quite a few years ago I purchased the Lorna Anne Swags & Tails kit and have used it several times and all has been well, however, I have made the mistake of lending it about and it has now been returned without the Sewing Instructions for making the Swags! I have the patterns etc and the instructions for the Tails but unfortunately no chart with the sizes etc for the Swags, calculations and fabric quantities etc - aarrrggghhh! Unfortunately I am unable to contact the person who I leant it to. Lesson learned!

    I have a potential customer who is looking for pole swags to cover 4.5 metres. I was thinking of doing five swags rather than three for this distance, would you agree? Also I am lost now that I have no calculations etc as it's a couple of years since I made the last set.

    Does anyone have the Lorna Anne kit and if so would you be prepared to copy the instruction sheet for the swags including the calculations for me? I would be happy to reimburse costs for copying, postage etc. Unless someone has any other ideas. My major concern is working out the correct sizing for the pattern, as constructing of the swag and sewing it together is not a problem.

    I have made swags without these instructions for the NDA course which I did a few years ago, however, I felt that the Lorna Anne Swags worked much better and I liked how the finished product hung.

    I have checked e-bay and there is currently one listing for this product, however, as I only need the instructions and have the rest of the contents, I feel this would be a last resort. I have also tried to contact Parkhill International Limited in Coventry, however, they seem to be no more as their phone number is now unobtainable.

    Any help or suggestions etc that you can give me would be very much appreciated. I have said to the client that I would get back to them this week with a sample swag - silly me

    Thanks, MichelleK

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    Re: Help - Lorna Anne Instructions for Swags

    Hi Michelle,

    I may be able to help. I have the Lorna Anne Swag Kit, have to confess I have never used it! When I am back in the office tomorrow I will have a look through the box for you and see if I can help.
    Kindest Regards,


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      Re: Help - Lorna Anne Instructions for Swags

      Hi Karen

      Thank you. If you can help it would be very much appreciated. As I said previously, I am happy to reimburse any costs for copying, postage etc.

      Kind regards