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Swags on a 360cm Pole

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  • Swags on a 360cm Pole

    Grr! Just spent 10 minutes composing a post and the computer just lost it

    The gist of my question is this: should I use the M&D patterns/supplementary patterns, which I already have, or buy an M'Fay one? It's ages since I've made S&T and don't have a 'feel' for them at the moment.

    The swag has to look like casually draped fabric; I assume carefully planned swags will be the way to go. Additionally, it's on French windows which open into an extension, i.e. visible from both sides. Any ideas as to which bits should have contrast lining or face fabric on both sides?

    What would be the maximum size for an individual swag on a pole this size? Sorry for all the questions.........


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    Re: Swags on a 360cm Pole

    Hi Angi,

    Take a look on Ebay for Lorna Anne perfect swag & tails, There are 3 available right now. I've used this pattern before and it turns out a really beautiful swag. I paid £45 off the shopping channel for it, except my kit contained velcro. Hope this helps with at least one of your questions.

    The Window Dresser