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Swags & Tails over a pole - my first attempt

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  • Swags & Tails over a pole - my first attempt

    I have two windows some nine feet wide (including shutters) and nine feet tall. I am making curtains, swags and tails in a gold coloured raw silk interlined with domette. The swags will be hung from a 3 inch diameter reeded oak pole. Although the window cases are square the windows themselves have semicircular heads. I have decided on a three swag design with the central swag shorter than the outer two to mirror the shape of the window and am using the Merrick and Day patterns and instructions. The tails are being lined in olive green silk and the swags and tails will have a 10 cm silk bullion fringe in yellow and green. Picture of work in progress can be found on

    I have one more tail to make up then I will be at the stage where I need to sew on the fringe and hang the swags and tails on the pole. My questions are:

    How should I sew the fringe on? In particular how much should it overlap the edge? Where and how should I stitch it? The book talks about turning over the ends, but it is quite bulky so this could look odd.

    The Merrick & Day book also talks about nailing the swags and tails to the pole. I dont like the sound of this. Wouldnt it be better to have an arrangement where the swgas and tails could be detatched more easily, for example to allow cleaning to take place, or to allow some adjustment if one doent get it right first time? Is it better to fix the swags & tails up with the pol in situ, or to bring it down to a better working height and do so?

    Grateful for some advice.

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    Re: Swags & Tails over a pole - my first attempt

    Hi Nigel

    Welcome to the forum, it's nice to be able to watch the progress of your current project .. I would suggest you hand sew the bullion to the swag taking care not to sew it to high above the curve of the swag. See: Swags & Tails for a good example of the bullion drop. You can attach the swags to you pole with velcro secured with discreet cable ties - you should then attach velcro to the swag at corresponding points.

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      Re: Swags & Tails over a pole - my first attempt

      Another way to hang the swags is to use self adhesive velcro and 'candy cane' wrap it round the pole where the swags are to go. If you just stick it in a straight line (and I dont think it would stick well on a reeded pole) it will peel off over time. Then stitch loop velcro to the tops of the swags.

      You could either put them up in situ or bring the pole down - I've always put them up in place.

      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings