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window seat cushion

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  • window seat cushion

    I have been asked to make window seat cushion/s........
    It is a 3 sided bay, not right angle, not sure what the proper term is for this type of bay?
    should i make 3 individual cushions or one cover?
    should i pipe top and bottom or just top?
    thanks for sany help.

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    Re: window seat cushion

    Hello Sharon

    I think I would ask the customer, do you feel confident in making it in anyway they choose? Is there an existing cushion there already?

    Can you take a photo and we can see what it looks Like?

    K W Designs


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      Re: window seat cushion

      If it's symmetrical, pipe top and bottom, so they can be turned. If not symmetrical, (and don't assume it is, turn your template over to make sure,) pipe the top only if the cushions sit in a well, or there's a lip at the front of the seat, and top and bottom if not.
      I can't see how to make only one cushion, sort of C-shaped, I suppose, with a really long zip at the back. Very wasteful of both foam and fabric, and any pattern would look odd, unless you cut it as if you were making three cushions. Which I'd be doing anyway, unless the customer insisted on only one.


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        Re: window seat cushion

        I think I would go for three separate cushions. but ask the client.

        ps A non-right angled bay is usually called a splay bay, I think.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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          window seat cushion

          Splay bay:

          [attachment=1:1bxy70zt]splay bay.jpg[/attachment:1bxy70zt]

          Square bay:

          MyDecozo Admin


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            Re: window seat cushion

            Thanks for your replies. I am making this for an interior designer i work with. I did suggest asking the customer but she said she is happy to go with whatever i say is best, which is why i asked for your opinions. I am going to go with making 3 seperate as this seems to be the norm.....
            I have also learnt the proper term for this type of bay, so thanks for that also.
            have a good weekend, just love the sunshine!!!


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              Re: window seat cushion

              I have made both sorts - separate cushions and one shaped cushion - depending on customer requirements. When making it as one cushion my foam supplier cut 3 pieces and glued them together which he assured me would be durable. This cut the cost considerably.

              I piped both sides as there was no rebate or lip to hold the cushion in place on the bench seat, although it was asymmetrical so the cushion could not be turned.

              If the seat is to be used regularly, especially by children, then one cushion may be better as it will not slip or fall off as readily.

              sigpic Simply Sewing


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                Re: window seat cushion

                Hi, thought i would update you as you did help me with this project. I went back to the designer and recomended asking the client if she wanted one or three cushions,putting more emphasis on it being a good idea to do this, its a good job too as she wanted one cushion, i was gonna go with making 3 thanks for giving me the second opinion......
                I piped top and bottom as the client wanted to be able to turn it over. I cut it out as if it was going to be three and just seamed it at the angles then added the piping. I found it easier and less painful to tack it first before sewing. I did try just pining but ended up like a pin cushion. I had a bad feeling about it all the way through, i just kept feeling that it wasnt going to turn out very good, but to my surpirse it did actually look good, i was really pleased with how it turned out.....The designer is going to take pics, when she does i will post a pic for you to see.
                Thanks again