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  • Colourfull piping cord/ thread

    Hi everyone
    Hope you have all had a lovely weekend - wasn't it gorgeous today - cant believe we are into October and haven't had the heating on yet - yippee long may it continue - any way I digress

    I am upholstering a tub chair at the moment and covering it in romo linear fabric bright blue. The back I am going to make a bodice type join instead of a zip on the outside back. This chair will be viewed at all angles so I thought a bodice like cross would be more interesting than a zip. My problem is I'm trying to source a bright coloured thread/ shoe lace/ piping thread may be in a magenta colour - yes I know but my clients are into colour - have tried Troynorth
    Can anyone give me some ideas of where to look?

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    Re: Colourfull piping cord/ thread

    This doesn't seem to appear on new posts - have I made a mistake somewhere?


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      Re: Colourfull piping cord/ thread

      Hi Jane,
      How about this on eBay -

      or try Hawes Ropeworks (remembered this as I went past it last week on the way to a job!)

      The latter are also very good for rope tiebacks in unusual lengths, as they manufacture safety ropes etc. Good, traditional Yorkshire firm!

      Good luck,


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        Re: Colourfull piping cord/ thread

        Thanks Jackie looks like what I'm looking for