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  • piped tiebacks

    Hi i have got to make several pairs of tie backs for a nursing home they have got to be done as quickly as poss as working to a price does anybody know of a simple ,fast way of producing piped tie backs the rings are to be made from strips of fabric (apparently the old folk pull the rings ofF !!!) any help appreciated i really dont like making piped tie backs YUK

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    Re: piped tiebacks

    For the rings, fold a narrow strip sides to middle, then in half and then put it through the machine, much quicker than making rouleaux. Sew appropriate lengths into the seam. Then challenge the old bats to pull them off. This will be quicker than sewing on rings.
    Otherwise, simplify the shape as much as possible, unless they've specified bananas, do straight bands at whatever width is right for the length of the curtains.
    Sorry, not much help!