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zips in bolsters

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  • zips in bolsters

    I have tried to put zips in bolster cushions and all ways end up sewing the ends (either side of the zip) by hand i can't seem to get the tube through the machine if i sew the ends first like the books say. they make it look so easy, is it? where am i going wrong


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    Re: zips in bolsters

    Hi irichmond,
    ever such a late response I know, but I thought you may still want an answer. I stitch the rectangular tube piece first by sewing the ends of the zip seam. Pin and/or tack first the zip in place with the fabric right side out.Then with the tube wrong side out you can get this under the foot of the machine with the zip underneath and stitch in place.

    Undo the zip and stitch the circular ends in place.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: zips in bolsters

      Thanks Pen

      That was good timing I have to start them next week, I could'nt get my head round how to master it, so I will give it a try. Thanks again

      Regards Irene


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        Re: zips in bolsters

        Ooooooo Irene you are not alone in this,,, guess what I have to do next week??? Bolster cushions!!!

        Putting zips into anything is one of my pet hates,,,, that and piped tie backs

        So thanks Pen, much appreciated. ( I hope I dont make a pigs ear of the zip but it may take me sometime )